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Prepare for an epic adventure with our Black Coral & Moss + Fraser Fir scented soy candles and wax melts! It's like stepping into the world of a rugged explorer, where the deep, mysterious notes of black coral and moss combine with the invigorating essence of Fraser fir. Light this candle and set the stage for a journey through the untamed wilderness, where masculinity meets the great outdoors in a symphony of bold, earthy scents!


Available in 2.7-oz soy wax melt tray, 8-oz. soy candle, or 14-oz. soy candle. Pick up at one of our two storefronts or have it shipped straight to you!


100% natural soy wax. Clean fragrance oils. Cotton wicks. Hand-poured in Nebraska.

Black Coral & Moss + Fraser Fir Soy Candles and Melts

PriceFrom $12.00
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